Women’s History Month: Darcie and her brownie business

From Marie Curie to Malala, Frida Kahlo to Lizzo, Women’s History Month is about celebrating empowering women whose contributions to society have paved the way for women in the 21st century. But one of my female heroes is my best friend, Darcie. 

Last year, she took an enormous leap in setting up her own small business, DarcieMae’s Brownies. Having taken the brave decision to drop out of University, Darcie then set off on another adventure and began her ski season in France. After only five weeks away, Covid-19 sent her home. Plunged into a life of uncertainty in the midst of a global pandemic, Darcie began baking and delivering brownies to local friends and family to pass the lockdown hours. Receiving incredible feedback on her baked goods (largely from me pleading for more), Darcie decided that this could become more than just a hobby – and so began DarcieMae’s brownies.

Instagram: @darciemaes

Within a matter of months Darcie had attained the appropriate licenses, set up a website and was receiving more orders by the week. Before long, DarcieMae’s outgrew her family kitchen and she began renting her very own unit that could facilitate the baking and packaging of the increasing number of orders she was receiving. When speaking with her recently, she described getting the keys to her unit as her proudest moment so far.

Instagram: @darciemaes

Nearly a year on and Darcie’s business is continuing to grow. Her online presence on Instagram (@darciemaes), her product marketing and her creativity have gained her over 1,000 followers on both Facebook and Instagram. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays and even Halloween; Darcie has created special collections for every occasion imaginable. 

Instagram: @darciemaes

As we slowly begin the journey to normality, it is amazing to see that small businesses like Darcie’s are continuing to flourish. Darcie now sells her products weekly at a local market and delivers her treats nationwide (so get your orders in Leeds!). It has been a difficult year for so many of us, but we can appreciate a silver lining – particularly during Women’s History Month – in the success of small businesses like Darcie’s.

Find Darcie’s business here: https://darciemaes.com/

Header image credit: @darciemaes on Instagram