Fictitious Gorilla Spotted on Fictitious Street

There have been numerous reports of a gorilla roaming the streets in rural Scotland. Locals suspect is it part of an animal rights movement although the gorilla appears to be searching for something.

‘Based on the gorilla’s movement, it appears to be looking for underwear with little hearts on’ says James Unreal, Animal Psychology Expert at the University of Untruths, ‘it also appears to be part of a farcical play for Open Theatre but more research will need to be done’. Professor of Farcical Studies, Leonard T. Ripples, agrees with Unreal’s assessment: ‘This gorilla’s behaviour is definitely part of a radio farce. More specifically, it matches with previous studies that are related to three-part radio farces, the first part of which will be released on 18th March’.

When asked for comment, Open Theatre Vice President confirmed that this gorilla is a character in ‘The Farce Dimension’, a new radio farce by Luke Haywood. It will be released in three parts, starting on the 18th March. Thankfully we got to the bottom of this monkey business!

The Farce Dimension by Luke Haywood premieres at 7pm on LSR on 18th March with Part 2 on the 25th March and Part 3 on 30th. Full details will be provided on the Open Theatre Facebook Page.