The Best Vegan Easter Eggs on the Market 2021

Pretty much every supermarket sells some sort of dairy-free Easter eggs, but how do you select one if they’re not trademarked with popular brands? Here’s a few favourites so you can make sure your dairy-free friends are just as excited as you to crack open their egg at Easter.

For the dark chocolate lover:

Dark Lindt Gold Bunny (available in most supermarkets)

Lindt is known for its rich and creamy flavours and this bunny is no exception. Super thick, silky dark chocolate with a strong flavour makes this bunny one of my Easter essentials. Additionally, the bunny uses limited foil and avoids plastic, cementing its place as an environmentally friendly
choice this Easter.
Price: £4.00, £2.00 per 100g

Eggplant Kitchen (M&S)

This is my new favourite egg! The dark flavour is strong but still creamy rather than dry. The novelty eggplant shape is fun and different from your typical egg and the shell is thick!
Price: £5.00, £3.70 per 100g

Milk chocolate fans:

Moo Free Orange Easter Hamster (Tesco)
This tastes pretty similar to a Terry’s chocolate orange. It uses UTZ certified cocoa which support a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way of farming. The only downside is a slightly powdery texture and aftertaste, but overall it offers a tasty option.
Price: £3.00, £3.75 per 100g

Sainsbury’s Mini Mallows Chocolate Egg (Sainsbury’s)
Everything you want in one egg – milk chocolate, white chocolate and marshmallows! This tastes like a classic Easter egg from your childhood and delivers that chocolatey sweetness.
Price: £3.50, £3.64 per 100g

Cheap and Cheerful:

Asda Free From Honeycomb and Raspberry Chocolate Slab (Asda)
As a bar rather than a hollow egg, you unfortunately don’t get the fun of smashing it open. What you do get is a thick, creamy slab of milk chocolate which tastes and looks far more luxurious than it costs. The toppings are tasty and my only critique is that there should have been more!
Price: £4.00, £2.50 per 100g

Pushing the boat out:

Nomo Hazelnot Crunch Egg (Asda/Sainsbury’s)
Nomo is a go-to for vegan milk chocolate. This egg has a strong hazelnut flavour and a scrummy texture with small crunchy pieces. It is packaged in cardboard rather than plastic casing and it’s nut, soya, egg, gluten and dairy free to meet everyone’s criteria.
Price: £5.99, £3.87 per 100g

Hotel Chocolat Ginger Dark Chocolate Easter egg (Hotel Chocolat)
Wow! Super rich, super dark and super luxurious. This egg is another favourite with a thick shell, silky texture and fiery aftertaste. This is guaranteed to be a winner with parents, but will make a dent in your student loan…
Price: £15.00, £6.81 per 100g

Header image credit: The Telegraph