“There Was Nothing For People Who Came From a Working-Class Background”: Catheryne Sturgess-Fairbairn on Setting Up A Society For Lower-Class Students

Despite their visible drives towards inclusivity and diversity, university campuses are no stranger to excluding working-class students. Buildings named after members of elite families, expensive shops and disparate accommodations are just a few of the features of university life which can make students from low-income backgrounds feel like they don’t belong at their chosen institute of learning. But is Leeds any different in this trend? I met with Catheryne Sturgess-Fairbairn, a 2ndyear politics student at the University of Leeds, to find out her thoughts.

Communicating Across Cultures

Interconnectedness dominates the global marketplace and the meteoric rise of continually advancing technology has seen international relations grow faster and closer than ever before. An estimated 58% of small businesses deal with international clients thanks […]