2016: A Year in Sport

From Donald Trump to Brexit, toxic elections and terrorists attacks may be the first things which come to mind when thinking back to the year of 2016. However, despite all the doom and gloom, in the world of sport 2016 saw an incredible year full of major sporting successes.

The Gryphon’s Guide to Fifteen Black Athletes Who Changed the World

From refusing to let Black athletes compete to segregating the playing field so that Black athletes weren’t allowed to perform at the same time as White athletes; it is clear to say we have come a very long way. Although you may not be able to imagine a life of sport without the likes of Usain Bolt or Raheem Sterling, there are many African-American athletes which once ignored these barriers in order to not only pave the way for their fellow Black athletes in forthcoming centuries but to make the world a more equal platform. Over time, we have had the opportunity to witness many exceptional Black sporting figures that have made history and have changed the world of sport for good. We should be privileged that we were able to witness this.