Tackling Secret Santa Anxiety

It’s that time of year again. You know, the time where Operation Secret Santa is in full effect and you’re a part of it by hook or by crook – at least, that’s how it can feel like at times right? This especially seems to be the case at work where you’re given a Secret Santa, and whilst it is never fully enforced, there is that unspoken expectation of you being a part of it. After all, you don’t want to look like the grinch when everyone else is passing around gifts. So, what do you do if Secret Santa really isn’t your cup of tea? Here are a few suggestions that may be useful.

An Unconventional Self-Care Guide

As the term limps on, it is easy to feel a bit disillusioned. A bit like university is pulling you along by your ankles and you have no choice but to limp alongside, exhausted, academically confused and having succumbed to the frozen pizza diet more than you’re willing to let on.
Perhaps deadlines are on the horizon, social plans, job applications. And yet, for all this looking ahead, you feel you’ve left yourself somewhere behind.

What Do Women Want From Dating?

What happened to flowers, chocolates and genuine romance? In modern society dating has been completely transformed by the upsurge of social media and popular dating apps, resulting in a formulaic and staged form of dating which leaves many of us single women feeling unsatisfied and fed up of the dating process entirely.