Rodwell’s Roman Holiday?

Out of contract after a disappointing spell at Blackburn, Jack Rodwell might have expected a move down the football pyramid within his own country. Instead, the one-time Everton starlet is being linked to Italian powerhouse AS Roma – a team more renown for Francesco Totti than ex Sunderland midfielders.

Racist Crowd Mar England Victory

England fans, players, coaching staff and officials had warned of this; and it made the racism feel even more vitriolic. The t-shirts that many of the Bulgarian racists – we shall call a spade a spade – were wearing made a mockery of the UEFA ‘Respect’ slogan, with the word ‘No’ placed in front. It was clear from the outset what they thought of these concerns.

World Cup Works Wonders

‘Football is a man’s game’ is often a statement made in recent years, with men receiving the majority of publicity and funding when playing for their team. However, due to the success of this summer’s Women’s World Cup, the rise of women playing football has been pronounced, so that in some countries the women’s game has become as high profile as the men’s.