Robbie Cairns –

Associate Editors

Bella Davis (Digital), Polly Hatcher (The Gryphon), Ian White (The Gryphon), and Meg Firth (In the Middle)

The Gryphon Office,
Leeds University Union,
Lifton Place,

0113 380 1450

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  • Photography – Giulia Bardelli –
  • Marketing –

News Editors

Megan Cummings, Zahra Iqbal, Eleanor Smith –

Meetings: Fridays 12pm, in Old Bar

Features Editors

Inaya Folarin, Tara Lee, Somya Mehta –

Meetings: Tuesdays 1pm, in the Gryphon Office

Views Editors

Ed Barnes, Hamzah Bharwani, Eleanor Noyce –

Meetings: Wednesdays 2pm, in Old Bar

Society Editor

Rose Crees –

Meetings: Tuesdays 1pm, in Old Bar

Science Editors

Michelle Heinrich, Alec Sims –

Meetings: Mondays 5pm, in the Gryphon Office

Business Editors

Shona Augustinus, Julia Constable –

Meetings: Monday 3pm, in Common Ground

Sport Editors

James Felton, Cian Fox, Will Pickworth, Ryan Wan –

Meetings: Fridays 1pm, in Old Bar

Blogs Editors

Emily Merrill, Rosie Plummer –

Meetings: Mondays 2pm, in the Gryphon Office

Music Editors

Kieran Blyth, Mikhail Hanafi, Ellie Montgomery, Jenny Pudney –

Meetings: Tuesdays 4.30pm, in the Gryphon Office

Clubs Editors

James Dewar, Caris Dollard –

Meetings: Tuesdays 2pm, in Old Bar

Lifestyle & Culture Editors

Charlie Green, Caitlin Tilley, Jade Verbick, Mary Yeh –

Meetings: Mondays 1pm, in the Gryphon Office

Arts Editors

Stephanie Bennett, Katherine Corcoran, Rhiannon Skye-Boden, Hannah Stokes –

Meetings: Thursdays 2.30pm, in the Gryphon Office

Fashion Editors

Christy Bucklow, Victoria Copeland, Izzie Ghaffari-Parker, Elicka Ghahramani, Meg Painter –

Meetings: Tuesdays 5pm, in Old Bar