Ed Barnes –

Associate Editors

 Milly Martin (Website), Caitlin Tilley (Social Media), Clare Redman (Marketing), Ian White (The Gryphon), Megan Ardis (The Gryphon), and Hannah Stokes (In the Middle)


The Gryphon Office,
Leeds University Union,
Lifton Place,

0113 380 1450

News Editors

Charly Loughlin, Amelia Cutting, Elliot Hodgkin, George Davis –

Writers’ group:

Features Editors

Michael Keating, Sagar Kar, Elena Sotelo –

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Views Editors

Michael Turnbull, Eloise Barry, Charlotte Abbott, Alfie Coulstock-Couceram, Eleanor Noyce –

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Society Editor

Tilly Judges –

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Science Editors

Michelle Heinrich, Anna Davison –

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Business Editors

Chloe Pryce, Will Southall –

Writers’ group:

Sport Editors

Millie Frain, Owen Ellicott, Millie Warrilow –

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Blogs and Lifestyle Editors

Lucie Phipps, Georgie Fuhri (Blogs), Mary Yeh, Louisa Polack (Lifestyle) –

Writers’ group:

Music and Clubs Editors

Neive McCarthy, Andrea Loftus, Jessica McCarrick, Safi Bugel –

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Arts and Culture Editors

Stephanie Bennett, Alex Gibbon, Rory Yeates, Emily Parry (Arts), Tanika Jade Lane, Delphie Bond (Culture) –

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Fashion Editors

Sarah Mortimore, Lydia Varney, Iona Tompkins –

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