Interviewing Magid Magid, the Sheffield Mayor Looking To Become Your Next MEP

May 5th saw the conclusion of the Tour de Yorkshire, an annual cycling event that always guarantees large crowds and plenty of attention throughout Yorkshire. Five days later, the Tour de Magid began. While not as well-known as its cycling counterpart, it nevertheless has generated huge excitement, particularly on social media. Magid Magid is the 29-year-old former Lord Mayor of Sheffield and the lead Green Party candidate for the European elections in the Yorkshire and Humber region. Born in Somalia on the eve of the country’s civil war, Magid and his mother fled the country when he was six and came to Sheffield in 1994. He studied aquatic zoology at the University of Hull, rising to become the President of the Student Union. After university, he returned to Sheffield, where he was elected as a councilor in 2016.