TV: Broadchurch

ITV’s latest delivery of British drama sees the sleepy village of Broadchurch cruelly awoken by the murder of a young boy, Danny Latimer. Everyone’s lives are affected by the boy’s death and the worst is […]

TV: Complicit

  Having a sensitive disposition I knew exactly what I was getting myself into with Complicit. Tense, challenging and sometimes slow, this programme toys with your beliefs and your morals, and leaves you disturbed and […]

TV: Mr Selfridge

  It’s official: period drama is having a moment. Probably more surprising, however, is that ITV, traditionally relegated to talent shows and the odd re-run of Miss Marple, is dominating the market, far outshining the […]

TV: Derek

  As Ricky Gervais produces another fragily PC show, Freddie Gray takes a look at the new series and asks, is Gervais only going down hill? Criticism has been, again, rained down upon Ricky Gervais. This […]