2014: A Year in Sport

2014, like all even years, possessed two of the biggest sporting events, both the Olympic Games and the Men’s World Cup. While the Winter Olympics doesn’t necessarily possess the same appeal as it’s Summer counterpart, this one, held in Sochi, was especially special from a geopolitical point of view, as Russia and Russia’s government would be under the microscope due to recent events between Ukraine and Russia. Meanwhile, the Summer brought an especially exciting World Cup, with Brazil hosting their first World Cup since 1950 – where they were embarrassed by a shock defeat to Uruguay. The decision to hand Brazil the World Cup came under criticism from those inside and out who felt Brazil could have spent the money wiser, with over 5 million in extreme poverty – according to World Bank.

The Gryphon’s Guide to Fifteen Black Athletes Who Changed the World

From refusing to let Black athletes compete to segregating the playing field so that Black athletes weren’t allowed to perform at the same time as White athletes; it is clear to say we have come a very long way. Although you may not be able to imagine a life of sport without the likes of Usain Bolt or Raheem Sterling, there are many African-American athletes which once ignored these barriers in order to not only pave the way for their fellow Black athletes in forthcoming centuries but to make the world a more equal platform. Over time, we have had the opportunity to witness many exceptional Black sporting figures that have made history and have changed the world of sport for good. We should be privileged that we were able to witness this.