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Bitter Lake: a haunting look into modern Afghanistan

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Morally complex and visually stunning, Bitter Lake, directed and edited by documentary filmmaker Adam Curtis, offers viewers a unique look into Afghanistan and its relationship with the West. Starting in the aftermath of World War Two and moving chronologically to the present day, this new epic film from Curtis weaves … Read More

Kajaki is a film everyone should see

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With the recent centenary, the gravity of the First World War has been impressed on all of us. The poppies at the Tower of London, the war poetry and history lessons have all contributed to an awareness of the suffering endured by so many. In cinema, there are a plethora … Read More

Photography | Afghanistan: A Distant War

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Image: Robert Nickelsberg, Prestel Publishing A poignant and sometimes disquieting book, ‘Afghanistan: A Distant War’ transports the reader to the infamous war torn country, past the glare of mass western media and deep into the less accessible (and quite frankly dangerous) sections of a society fractured by years of conflict. At … Read More

EdBookFest | William Dalrymple and David Robison

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EdBookFest | William Dalrymple and David Robison ‘Place yourselves on the step between Persia and Afghanistan in the year 1837, as you watch the newly coronated Shah of Iran march to Herat.’ So began William Dalrymple’s immensely gripping book festival talk. As with many things in life, the first Anglo-Afghan … Read More

"During the tour my regiment lost seven men"

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As Remembrance Day approaches, Leeds Student considers what life in the army is like for young people. We spoke to an ex-soldier who has served in Afghanistan and a student involved in the Officer Training Corps about their experience. We are a generation affected by war. In recent years we … Read More