Wednesday January 26, 2022

3:17 am

How safe is security? The rise of excessive force

As tensions between students and bouncers in Leeds seem to be at an all time high, Alex Gibbon investigates the cause of the problem as well as

What does it take to create a long-lasting marriage?

Tasha Johnson interviews a local couple on their history, relationship and

Who is Éric Zemmour and why should Emmanuel Macron be wary of him?

Éric Zemmour has launched his own presidential campaign for the 2022

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Nordgreen Watches: the Scandinavians excel yet again

Sleekness, minimalism and functionality appear to be the holy trinity of Nordic design. For a timepiece that boasts all three,

A Preview of The Maven’s Festive Tasting Menu

A review by Anushka of The Maven and their new festive tasting menu.

A Quick Guide to Guy Fawkes Night

Happy Bonfire Night! Eleanor Richardson gives us the lowdown on why we really celebrate this 5th November.