University Offers Staff and Equipment to Support NHS in Effort to Fight Coronavirus

Last Friday, the University of Leeds announced it was doing its part in helping fight the coronavirus epidemic by offering support in terms of equipment,… Read More

Over 4000 Sign Petition For University Grade “Safety Net” to be Implemented

Following the successful implementation of a “safety net” regulation at a number of UK universities, a petition has been created for the same to be… Read More

University Declared UNESCO World Heritage Site Just Two Weeks After Students Leave

Just mere weeks after campus closed, the University of Leeds campus has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A World Heritage Site is a landmark or… Read More

Coronavirus Chaos at UK Universities

 In recent weeks, Universities across the country have had to take action in order to halt the spread of the novel coronavirus, otherwise known as… Read More

LUU Gender Pay Gap Narrows

Leeds University Union (LUU) reported a decrease in the mean gender pay gap of 2.1% in comparison with data from 2018. LUU currently has a… Read More

19% of Top Jobs Held by Women at the University of Leeds

 Statistics show that there were 31 women in jobs with salaries higher than £100,000 at the University in 2018/19 compared to 132 men, with a… Read More

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