Leeds to return to Tier 3

On Thursday (26 November), Matt Hancock announced which areas in England will be assigned to Tier 1, 2 and 3, respectively, under the so-called ‘COVID-19… Read More

Students fearful as pre-teen gang rampage local streets

The Gryphon spoke to students in Leeds about the events of the last week. Following the recent reports of a machete wielding pre-teen gang in… Read More

Fire on Hessel Place

Sources claim houses were filled with smoke coming from the electrics. On Thursday the 19th of November, a fire started in popular student area Hessle… Read More

Mass testing in Liverpool raises hopes for a normal Christmas, but Leeds is not set to follow suite

Liverpool enters its second week of Britain’s first city wide mass testing pilot and officials remain optimistic about its potential, but it is still unclear… Read More

University of Leeds Vice Chancellor provides information on government-advised ‘travel window’

Last Thursday, the government’s Department for Education advised students returning home for Christmas to do so within a designated ‘travel window’. The ‘window’, open between… Read More

Plans for Students to Receive University Offers After Results Day

The Education secretary has revealed plans to change the university admissions system, so that applicants are offered places based on their actual exam results rather… Read More

Deadly protests ensue as Ugandan police arrest opposition candidate Bobi Wine

The Ugandan Police report that three people are dead with at least 34 injured following protests that broke out in Kampala on Wednesday in response… Read More

UK students return home early to avoid Christmas chaos

On the 1st of November, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that England would be entering into a second lockdown, leaving students faced with a difficult decision… Read More

Biden wins the White House, but Trump refuses to go

Former Vice-President Joe Biden has won the 2020 U.S. Presidential election, defeating the incumbent President Donald J. Trump.  A majority of the television networks called… Read More

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