‘Students4globalcovidaid’: A Call-Out to Leeds Students

2020 has catapulted us out of what we once deemed ‘normality’. With the arrival of a new decade came the transformation of our domestic and… Read More

An interview with Sir Alan Langlands

After 7 years, Sir Alan Langlands is stepping down from his role as Vice Chancellor of the University of Leeds in August. The Gryphon sat… Read More

A Deep Look at the State of Mental Health in Leeds

“I think that the transition in becoming an adult is becoming all the more intense” Amy Wells says to me, the Welfare Officer at Leeds… Read More

Police Officer Charged with Murder of Former University of Leeds Student

This article discusses at length the extrajudicial murder of Carilton Maina On December 21st 2018, a former University of Leeds student Carilton Maina was fatally… Read More

That Leeds 70’s (Slide)show

Have you ever wondered what campus life was like 50 years ago? Well wonder no more because we've dipped into the archives to give you… Read More

University of Leeds Due For Financial Hit From Coronavirus

With an operating deficit of £11 million due to charges relating to USS pensions and likely significant losses in international student fee income, The Gryphon… Read More

New Report : University of Leeds on Track to Meet 2030 Emissions Targets

Last year, the University of Leeds set itself ambitious targets in order to combat the rise of greenhouse gases and reduce its carbon footprint. The… Read More

1000 University of Leeds Nursing and Medical Students Fast-tracked into the NHS

To help reduce the pressure on hospital staff, over 1000 final year medical and nursing students at the University of Leeds have been fast-tracked into… Read More

The Student Volunteers Helping the NHS Up and Down the Country

Since lockdown was imposed on the whole of the UK on 23rd March 2020, the lives of many students have certainly been disrupted as they… Read More

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