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The End of Austerity? Don’t be Absurd

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Last week, we saw the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, deliver the annual budget. The defining moment of this year’s budget was Hammond’s bold declaration that “the era of austerity is finally coming to an end.” So, is he telling the truth? Moreover, has austerity worked? The answers, of … Read More

Will the New Budget Solve Our Debt Problems?

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Last week, news broke that the Chancellor was looking at ways to fill a black hole of nearly £20bn in the public finances before the budget later this month. Recent analysis shows that the deficit is likely to rise to nearly £36bn in the next four years, double the forecast … Read More

Public sector workers deserve better than real-terms pay cut

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If you have ever been ill, attended a school or had to call the emergency services, then congratulations, the overwhelming odds are that you have benefited from the labour of public sector workers. These are the people who keep the country running: they care for the sick, educate the young … Read More

The disturbing mind-set of government

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When people say, as they often do these days, that politicians are out of touch, they tend to mean that they are ignorant of popular opinion or culture. Recent events have brought to light the far more frightening prospect that the Prime Minister is out of touch with reality itself. … Read More

Photojournal | The Real Junk Food Project – waste, poverty and revolution

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The Real Junk Food Café is situated in Armley, a short bus ride south west from Leeds City Centre. Entering the town, it is easy to lose count of how many factory buildings had been abandoned, bordered up and draped in rows of barbed wire. The town is like many … Read More

TV | The Dangers of Downton Abbey

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Christmas is a time for peace, love and difficult conversations with family about why you’re still single, or your decision to pursue a degree in the arts. Yet spare a thought for our friends the television writers who, every year, are placed under the immense pressure of producing a special, … Read More

News | In pictures – Leeds education workers on strike

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Staff at the University of Leeds went on strike on Thursday in protest over pay and cuts to higher education. They proceeded to join striking staff from Leeds Met and other members of the public on a march towards Victoria Square. LS Head of Photography Leo Garbutt was there and … Read More