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Get lost

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Though it may still be a while yet before you should start packing for University, may I suggest a small and inexpensive accessory that I think will be essential to making your year that much better: a paper map. Paper maps are on the decline with fewer and fewer getting … Read More

Driverless cars – the key to a brighter shared future?

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(Photo from : Inverse.com ) Since its inception in 2009, Google’s driverless car project has been at the cutting edge of autonomous car technology. With no pedals and no steering wheel, the 2014 ‘Koala Car’ prototype model was a game-changer, offering a safer and more comfortable driving experience with the … Read More

Science | Ivory trade signals the end of the elephant

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Last week US officials grabbed headlines after destroying over five tonnes of illegal ivory, seized over the last 25 years since the global ban on ivory trade was implemented in 1989. The stockpile was said to be worth over £6bn and was estimated to have been the equivalent of around … Read More