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Anti-homeless benches: an act of ignorance

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I can guarantee that on my blurry-eyed, 11am walk to lectures I will pass at least one homeless person sat on the streets of Hyde Park. It’s not an uncommon sight in Leeds; in fact it’s hardly a rare sight anywhere in England considering that according to Shelter, around one … Read More

A Ticket To Nowhere? Councils ‘Help’ The Homeless

1 year ago / 0 comments

The BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire Show has reported that councils across the country are tackling homelessness by buying one-way train tickets for rough-sleepers in their cities. It is believed that some councils have spent up to £1000 of their budget a year to move homeless people off their streets. What is … Read More

Clubbing with a Conscience

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The Leeds nightlife scene caters for far more than just its attendees, with many events donating large quantities of money to charity. Editor-In-Chief Reece Parker gives us the run-down on such events. The morning after any enjoyable night out, you could be forgiven for thinking that clubbing never did anyone … Read More

Bandaid for a bullet wound: tent city and the homeless of Leeds

2 years ago / 0 comments

With funding for houses in such contention these days, the issue of homelessness is becoming ever-more public. Rabeeah Moeen discusses homelessness in Leeds and its ‘Tent City’. Being a student at Leeds means inevitable familiarity with Yorkshire’s largest city. It is a growing metropolis; but like everywhere, there is a … Read More

Tampon Tax – Necessity Made Luxury?

3 years ago / 0 comments

The Gryphon examines the current arguments concerning what is widely regarded as a sexist measure and explores important campaigns, both on a local and national scale, that seek to highlight the ramifications of the tax. The topical issue resting on the tongues of both politicians and the public at the … Read More

Students sleep rough for charity

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Students may spare a few quid for charity every so often, but campaigners have taken their action to a new level by sleeping rough outside the Union. Around twenty students braved the cold on Thursday night as part of an annual sleep-out event to raise awareness of homelessness. The night … Read More

Features | Young and Homeless

5 years ago / 0 comments

The number of young people who are homeless in the UK is still very high, with numerous schemes throughout the county to try bring this figure down. This week LS talks to a current Leeds student who was previously homeless and finds out how easy it is to come to … Read More

News | Exposed: Homelessness in Leeds

5 years ago / 0 comments

Students have complained about a rise in homeless people approaching them for money around campus, LS can reveal. Students have reported being approached daily in Hyde Park in the morning, and outside the Business School, raising the issue with police. A police spokesperson told LS: “We’re looking at the increase … Read More

News | Spending one night homeless

5 years ago / 0 comments

Sleeping rough is tough for anyone, but students hit the pavement outside the Union this week to raise awareness of homelessness. The sleepout saw students experiencing how tough it is to live on the streets, sleeping rough in cardboard boxes, and other makeshift shelters. The event brought a number of … Read More

Refectory food waste revealed

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The Refectory has wasted nearly £50 worth of food every day for eight months, this newspaper can reveal. According to figures from a Freedom of Information request submitted by this newspaper, more than £11,000 worth of food may have been wasted over this period. In correspondence, the University also revealed … Read More