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Uncovering the Chilean Mural – Repression and Resistance

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Painted by refugees in the 1970s, this Chilean mural was long forgotten before being discovered by chance. The Gryphon  attended its relaunching event, to discover its symbolic importance in the struggle against injustice. On 7th December, the LUU held a launch event for the restoration of a mural that had … Read More

Employed and in Poverty – Britain’s New Underbelly

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Stephen Armstrong, an investigative journalist, published his book ‘The New Poverty’ this year, in an attempt to document a troubling new trend in Britain: in-work poverty. The Gryphon spoke to him last week as he visisted Sheffield to talk about those who are in employed, yet in poverty in Britain. … Read More

Comment | Union must sever G4S ties

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G4S is a company that feeds off the misery of the disempowered for the benefit of the strong. One of the biggest private security firms in the world, G4S has grown to be the premier thug-for-hire company both in the UK and internationally. The British based security company’s list of abuses … Read More

Comment | An end to the death penalty

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How would you feel if you were sentenced to die for a murder you had not committed? This is exactly what happened to Ray Krone. In 1992, Ray was sentenced to death in Arizona for the murder of Kim Ancona. She was found dead in the bar where she worked, half naked, … Read More

Injustice: Clive Stafford Smith at Ilkley Literature Festival

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When I was on my way to a talk by the human rights lawyer Clive Stafford Smith OBE, my head conjured up the image of a suited Mark Darcy-style figure. However, this was soon quashed by the man in jeans and a t-shirt who sat cross-legged on the edge of … Read More