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SPOTLIGHT: Student Loans Company Overpayments Cause Hardship for Nursing Students

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Hundreds of Nursing Students across the UK have been overpaid by the Students Loan Company due to a mistake in calculations. Many of those affected rang the Students Loan Company asking to re-pay this amount but were told they didn’t need to.  It then came as a surprise to find … Read More

Universities Accused of Racially Profiling UCAS Applications

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Data from UCAS has revealed that black students applying to university are more likely to have their applications investigated than white students. The information shows that last September, 419 black students had their applications highlighted as requiring further investigation, compared to 181 from white students. This means it is 21 … Read More

Losing a language – a war of attrition

2 years ago / 0 comments

Linguists describe the languages we’ve learnt from birth, and throughout our teenage years, as our native language, native tongue or mother tongue. You have probably heard these expressions before, however in linguistics – the study of language – a person’s native language is referred to as L1. As we grow … Read More

Making sense of the Scientific Method at The Tetley

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The old Tetley brewery headquarters in Leeds, now converted into a contemporary art gallery and learning space, is currently hosting the exhibition “The Scientific Method”. Until January 22nd, they are showing the works of artists such as Yorkshire-based Amelia Crouch, Spanish video artist Patricia Esquivias, Edinburghian multi-talent Siân Robinson Davies … Read More

What I learnt at the Marxist Society GIAG

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Whether from distant or recent memories of classrooms and discussions, the term ‘Marxism’ is familiar to most of us. We’ve all heard about Marx: the philosopher, the economist, the sociologist, the journalist. We may even know the basics of Marxism: about the belief that capitalism generates a struggle between the … Read More

Blogs | Why Are You Here?

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When you start any course of study there is the inevitable ‘Now, let’s go around in a circle and find out a little about you – what you have done and why are you here?’ The shy members of the group look at the floor in terror, the confident start … Read More

Do power naps work?

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Whilst revision and exam stress prey on us all, sleep deprivation is at an all-time high, as sleeping does not seem to factor in our 24 hour cramming sessions in Eddy B. To combat the onslaught of unpreventable tiredness, rather than guzzling your endless supply of energy drinks or taking … Read More

Can you ‘learn’ how to get a photographic memory?

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Ever wondered why some people are ‘just better’ at exams? Those lucky few who appear to do little to no revision, and then walk away with 80+%, much to the envy of the rest of us. Well it’s likely that at least a few of those people have what is … Read More

Revision Myths

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The anxiety, the stress, the turning nocturnal in an attempt to cram in as much revision as possible; students need no reminding that the exam period is fast approaching. So with 2 weeks until the beginning of exams, are there any ways you can boost your chances of success? There … Read More

Languages: I love ‘em!

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If you go down to the Language Centre today, you’re sure to find a big surprise: students, and lots of them! All nationalities and abilities, studying electives, and, heaven forbid, actual degrees, in langauge! ¡Dios mío! Think the whole world is able to ‘speaky the English’? You are very much … Read More