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#MeToo Gains Momentum in Bollywood

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An eruption of sexual allegations has hit India’s film industry since October when Bollywood’s #MeToo movement began to emerge. The recent outcry of sexual abuse has encouraged greater scrutiny of the film industry, leading to huge programme changes at the Jio MAMI Mumbai film festival, which took place from 25th … Read More

Johnny Depp: New Movies and #MeToo

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There is a disturbingly long, and ever-growing, list of sexual assault allegations made against some of the most reputable men in Hollywood. The media frenzy around the #MeToo movement has been wide, and criticism about Johnny Depp and his casting in the Fantastic Beasts franchise is no exception. The public … Read More

Philip Green named as businessman at the heart of British #MeToo scandal

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Two weeks ago an old man strode into a teen clothing shop, spotted a pink pop-up stand promoting a collection of feminist essays and, offended to his misogynistic core, demanded that staff tear it down 20 minutes after its erection. A week on from his tantrum in Topshop (which he … Read More

#MeToo Finally Comes to India

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Exactly a year ago, when numerous women spoke out about the sexual crimes they faced at the hands of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, no one imagined that it would give rise to a movement which would have such a rippling effect, globally. But finally, a year later the #metoo movement … Read More

One Year On: How #MeToo Has Affected Film

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Once the Harvey Weinstein scandal surfaced last year, a total of 87 women came together and spoke out about his treatment of women. But how has that changed the way women are treated in the industry? Feminism on and around the silver screen is perhaps beginning to be taken more … Read More

Is ‘#MeToo’ through? What the Asia Argento allegations should (or shouldn’t) mean for a movement founded on the efforts of black women

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The #MeToo movement is a social movement against the prevalent sexual assault and harassment taking place in society. Now a hashtag utilised by online audiences (majority female) to share harrowing yet unfortunately all too common situations of abuse, the movement originally comprised wealthy, high status women calling out their experiences … Read More

Why #Metoo Is Not Synonymous With ‘Men Too’

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The Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood sexual abuse scandal is one that needs no introduction: it has been the – perhaps unsurprising – revelation that women in Hollywood are being abused, manipulated and raped by men in positions of power. It is the systematic and institutionalised exploitation of women. Yet , … Read More

#MeToo: Sexual Harassment and the Music Industry

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Sexual harassment of any sort is condemned by society, however the topic is also widely stigmatised and often kept quiet. Following the overwhelming response on social media to the ‘Me Too’ campaign, it’s important to consider the extent to which sexual harassment has plagued our society. This in particular is … Read More


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Following the allegations surrounding Harvey Weinstein, the hashtag ‘MeToo’ has taken over Twitter feeds worldwide, with thousands of victims of sexual harassment and sexual assault coming forward to show how prevalent the issue really is. But who does the campaign inherently leave out? And has it only served to paper-over ... Read More

Misinterpretation, or Deliberately Condescending?

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Have I ever been sexually assaulted, no. Have I - like many others - exchanged sex to get what I want? Undoubtedly. #MeToo— Katie Hopkins (@KTHopkins) October 16, 2017 Katie Hopkins has unsurprisingly used the medium of Twitter to voice her disrespectful opinions on social media’s #MeToo campaign. Hopkins demeans ... Read More