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Automation Threatens to Widen North-South Divide

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For years, northern industry was at the forefront of England’s economy. From the industrial revolution which traces its roots from Lancashire cotton mills, to coal mining across Yorkshire and the North-East, Britain was powered by Northern workers. That is until technology began to make more and more jobs redundant, and … Read More

Government Urged to “Give North a Fair Deal on Transport”

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Analysis by a leading think tank has shown that infrastructure spending in Yorkshire is lower than any other region and has urged the government to do more to increase transport spending across the North of England. According to a hard hitting report by IPPR North, transport spending in Yorkshire and the Humber amounts … Read More

The fashion capital of the north?

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There is a common misconception, as with most industries in this country, that London is the undisputed hub of fashion in the UK. I would argue that we have the potential to rise above London as the new ‘it’ location on the fashion map  with our vast amount of fashion events, … Read More

Northerner or Southerner … where’s the border?

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Roll up roll up freshers! From the title of my article you can probably guess that I am about to try and divulge into the almost taboo concerning the North versus the South. What a load of rubbish it is too! But blimey, it has caused arguments, separated families and … Read More

North South divide influences two thirds of University Applicants

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Nearly two thirds of prospective students are influenced by the north-south divide when it comes to applying to universities. Research conducted by The Student Room, an online forum for students, showed that almost 62% of students would prefer to study in the South, compared to just 38% who would rather … Read More

Two students shot dead after party turns into a nightmare

2 years ago / 1 comments

Two students at the Agricultural and Technical State University in North Carolina have been fatally wounded at an off-campus party, causing student safety to come under scrutiny. The victims were 19 year old Alisia Dieudonne, who was a sophomore computer science major, and 21 year old Ahmad Campbell, a junior … Read More

Photojournal | Shipping from campus to the East

5 years ago / 0 comments

It is a quiet, sunny September morning and a full size shipping container is blocking the entrance to my house. A little over twenty men have gathered on a narrow campus road, forming a human chain into a ground floor bedroom next door. I look up into the rusting green … Read More

Sport | Match of the Day – Leeds dominate in Water Polo

5 years ago / 0 comments

After finishing 4th  in the BUCS Water Polo Premier North group, Leeds were drawn against Premier South 5th placed Imperial in what had the makings of a close-fought contest. In reality, Leeds glided through their first round tie, demonstrating a gulf in class as they cemented their place in the … Read More

Blogs | A Guide to Social Etiquette Up North

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“When you arrive at Leeds Uni old chum you simply must be aware of a few faux pas.” – Anonymous This could be the best piece of advice I received before university and, as I contemplate leaving, I feel I must impart it onto the next generation entering the fray … Read More