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“Feederism”: An Empowering or Harmful Fetish?

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It’s 2018. At this point its profusely clear that political correctness has gone mad. Spotted dick is now called “Spotted Richard” and Dennis the Menace has been redrawn as a less threatening and less of a troublemaker. But should we perhaps be asking if body positivity has gone mad too? … Read More

Fatshaming or life-saving?

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Cancer Research came under fire recently for a controversial campaign advertisement that was intended to increase awareness of obesity as a leading cause of cancer. The ad, which references the fact that obesity is fast becoming known as one of the leading preventable causes of cancer, has been accused by … Read More

Success For Health Campaigners As Leading Retailers Cut Energy Drink Sales to Under Sixteens

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Following calls from a number of health experts, dieticians and scientists to ban the sale of energy drinks to minors, it seems as if such requests are not going unheard. Many of Britain’s favourite retailers – namely Asda, Aldi and Waitrose, are now placing an age-restriction policy on the purchasing … Read More

Campus Watch: Pennsylvania University study finds that fat-shaming makes people’s health worse

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According to new research, fat-shaming people into losing weight has the opposite effect, leading to comfort eating and even an increased risk of cardiovascular and metabolic disease. Professor Rebecca Pearl at the University, said: “There is a common misconception that stigma might help motivate individuals with obesity to lose weight … Read More

Remodelling the Female Nude

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      Holly Holder explores Yossi Loloi’s new photography project ‘FullBeauty’. Is this radical shift in the depiction of the female nude positive or simply shocking? The female nude is one of the longest standing contentious issues in the History of Art. The depiction of beauty as virginal and … Read More