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Diversity, Inclusivity and ‘The Shape of Water’ Rule at the 2018 Oscars

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With arguably the most diverse list of nominees in years—Get Out, Call Me By Your Name, A Fantastic Woman and Lady Bird all had nominations in various categories—all eyes were on the 90th Academy Awards to see just how the Academy would respond to the recent social justice movements of … Read More

Rachel Morrison becomes the first female cinematographer nominee in an astonishing 90 years

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With the Oscars fast approaching, 2018 is already bringing good things with the absence of trending hashtags such as #OscarsSoWhite or #OscarsSoMale, unlike previous years. You might even be mistaken in thinking we have now achieved social justice, but you’d be wrong – there is still a very long way … Read More

Phantom Thread: Daniel Day-Lewis’ final lacy, bespoke project?

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Paul Thomas Anderson’s unwavering vision for a psychologically mesmerizing historical-drama of a vintage, 1950s London is a meticulously crafted specimen. While it takes it time to unfold, it is embroidered by a tremendous amount of mental manipulation, a harrowing sense of order—or lack thereof—and a little fashion. The calculated dressmaker, … Read More

What the BAFTAs mean for the Oscars (and where you can watch them)

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The BAFTAs opened with a bang at the Royal Albert Hall on Sunday night with a heart-in-mouth performance from Cirque du Soleil and twelve-time host Stephen Fry, likewise, did not disappoint. Unsurprisingly, many British filmmakers fared well, with Ken Loach winning Outstanding British Film for I, Daniel Blake (notably snubbed … Read More

Comment: Did Leo deserve his Oscar?

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It was always a sure thing – even his competitors came out in support for him – but was The Revenant worthy of being Leo’s Oscar-winning performance? I don’t need to tell you that, on Sunday evening in Los Angeles, he finally took home gold (social media went so crazy that the only way … Read More

Why Chris Rock was the best thing about this year's Oscars

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The Oscars are always a momentous occasion. It’s where all the big names in Hollywood join together, dresses are judged, awards are won, and everyone watching gets to imagine what it would be like to be an A-lister for the night. But this year the Oscars glamour has been overshadowed … Read More

The Oscars: Editor’s Predictions

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It‘s that time again: Oscars season. The season where all the best films of the year are pitted against one another in the awards ceremony to end all awards ceremonies, a gathering set to celebrate the crème de la crème of the film industry and their achievments over the past … Read More

Nominations for Oscars 2016 Announced

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With the awards season in full swing it’s time to get ready for the most prominent of them all, the Academy Awards. The nominations were announced Thursday and speculation around who are going to be this year’s big winners are underway. Golden Globes, which usually provide a good clue, were a … Read More

Oscars Run- Up: Best Foreign Language Film

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Yes, it may seem massively premature, but film aficionados never really stop thing about the Oscars and next year’s Academy Awards are already really starting to get going. In the last couple of weeks the longlist of nominations for Best Foreign Language Film have been announced. A huge 81 film … Read More

Let’s #askhermore

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Another season of awards, red carpets and cringeworthy acceptance speeches has come to a close, following the pattern of the hundreds of awards ceremonies before it but with one noticeable difference: women have decided enough is enough. For a long time, women have been treated as the face of the … Read More