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Government approves parents location chipping freshers

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The “freshers charter” bill was today given royal assent after becoming law last week. The bill will give parents and guardians the legal right to forcibly “chip” their university inbound sons and daughters to track their location. The bill comes after a petition that collected over 200,000 signatures prompted debate … Read More

The Dangers of Parents and Social Media

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Text from ‘Mother’: “Why won’t you accept me on Facebook? *sad, crying face*.” Here we go, after about a year of protest she just wouldn’t let it go. Next I’m hit with a long list of her friends whose daughters have accepted them and how unfair I was being. Its … Read More

Blogs | University, Long-distance Relationships and the Inevitable Break-ups

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The background: You’re either lying to yourself or remarkably stupid if you believe that moving to university isn’t going to affect your relationships. Moving away forces you to spend less time with those closest to you. Somehow this only really sinks in when you’re actually at university (the majority of … Read More

Blogs | Five Reasons Why Parents Are The Best Students

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1/ We will never be late to a lecture because we have ‘overslept’. ‘Oversleeping’ is an alien concept. A lie in is something we have only heard about in fiction. We seem to have a vague recollection of what a ‘lie in’ is, we have seen it written about on … Read More

Blogs | How To Tell Your Parents You’re…

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Telling your parents is truly one of the most terrifying prospects anyone faces. You tell yourself they’ll support you, but you never wholly believe it. This is my coming out story.   The night before: Lying in bed. I think deep down I’ve always known. Even from a young age … Read More