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The return of Peep Show

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The new and penultimate series of Peep Show has a whole new arsenal of personal confusions, ridiculous predicaments and the same dark humour around Mark’s conniving plans to steal back his past loves and Jeremy’s sexual conundrums. This series has amplified its moments of mania to a level that at … Read More

TV | Babylon – Danny Boyle's latest TV outing

5 years ago / 0 comments

Written by Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong (the partners behind the satirical masterpieces Peep Show and Four Lions) it would be hard to imagine Babylon as a failing new drama. The same goes for the eclectic mix of actors: James Nesbitt, a budding Brit Marling, and Adam Deacon, well known … Read More

TV | Fresh Meat – Were the characters always so devoid of charm and wit?

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Was Fresh Meat always this bad? Has its cast of characters always been so devoid of charm and wit? I seem to remember being genuinely moved by JP’s (Jack Whitehall) reaction to his father’s death, I’m fairly certain I’ve even been amused so much as to chuckle on more than … Read More

TV | Ambassadors

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Following the recent regeneration of a certain spin doctor there has been a distinct political comedy shaped hole in the BBC’s comedy output and in Ambassadors the new vehicle for the comedic talents of Mitchell and Webb, the BBC no doubt hopes it has found the solution. Exploring the same … Read More

What's On: Peep Show

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  Peep Show‘s eighth series makes it the longest running sitcom on Channel Four, but is that a good thing, asks Jennie Pritchard? I am of the opinion that in the UK, the longer a TV show goes on the worse it gets. Most shows manage two decent series and … Read More