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Students use sex to pay for degrees

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A recent survey has looked into the quirky methods students resort to when their loan isn’t enough. A recent survey carried out by Voucher Codes Pro found that British students are resorting to all sorts of quirky ways to help them raise money to help fund their degree, including the … Read More

Campus Watch: Pamela Anderson gives a lecture on pornography to students

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Pamela Anderson gave a speech to scholars at Oxford University, portraying her concerns over the increasing number of people that watch porn. She stated that she would like to campaign for a reduction in the viewings of porn as a social experiment. The mass consumption of internet pornography has led … Read More

Review: We Want You To Watch

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The title being no misnomer, We Want You To Watch demanded its audience’s undivided attention for the seventy-five minutes that it took for this liberating piece to thrust its vision on to us: a world without pornography. Consisting of a series of darkly comical sketches, the play’s loose narrative follows … Read More

Film | Don Jon – Not even Scarlett Johansson can come between a man and his porn

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photo: Relativity Media “His body, his pad, his ride, his family, his church, his boys, his girls and his porn”. Jon (Joseph Gordon Levitt) seems to have it all sorted, until stunning dime Barbara (Scarlett Johansson) crashes into his life. She seems to finally be the one his mother had … Read More

Theatre | Pornography

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3/5 Stars LUU Theatre Group takes another big dive into the deep end with their most recent production. Pornography is the work of winning English Playwright Simon Stephens, who like Sarah Kane, is part of the in-yer-face generation of writers. The play certainly delivers on its promise with a deluge … Read More