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Heteronormativity, Sexism and Disrespect: The Mirror’s Attack on Women Must Not Be Ignored

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The power of the tabloid press in the contemporary world is an undeniable truth. Though the outcome of the General Election in June signified the failure of tabloids, such as The Sun and The Daily Mail, to influence the vote as strongly as in past years, the monopoly they hold … Read More

If you want to win the youth vote, you’ve got to speak their language

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“Children are to be seen and not heard”, so goes the idiom. And so goes the Tory party’s strategy towards young voters as well, according to their 2017 election campaign. If the Tories want to know why they so categorically failed to gain their predicted landslide, then the party needs … Read More

A conflict of interest: politics or print?

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Former Chancellor and oft-derided Conservative MP George Osbourne has recently been appointed as the new Editor-in-Chief of the London Evening Standard. Osbourne was appointed for the role at London’s famously conservative daily newspaper by its owner Evgeny Lebedev, who also owns publications such as the Independent. Whether Osbourne will be … Read More

Debate | Taking Liberties – Should the Press be Regulated?

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Historically, journalism has been cited as a force for good. It is often suggested that the watchful eye of the press force our politicians, public figures and other organisations to behave in a conduct that is ethically acceptable and morally right. However, in recent years, journalistic practice itself has been … Read More