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The Poppy Controversy: A Sign of Respect Or An Endorsement Of War?

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The Case For Poppies: A Sign of Respect For some time, and most notably in the past few years, the choice to wear – or not to wear – a poppy leading up to Remembrance Sunday has unfortunately become somewhat of a political or religious statement. From my point of … Read More

Poppy Fever

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An increasingly large number of people have decided that the traditional red poppy of remembrance either does not reflect the kind of commemoration they wish to participate in or, in some cases, that the poppy actively symbolises things they dislike about Britain’s past. Here I hope to summarise people’s objections … Read More

The BlackPoppyRose: Lest we forget…

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As Remembrance Day approaches, we are called to remember those who fought, and are still fighting, in British wars and zones of conflict. The Gryphon focuses on the ‘BlackPoppyRose’ project, launched to remember the often unheralded contributions of Black and African soldiers within global conflicts. The recognisable red poppy was established … Read More

To fight for peace is to struggle for socialism: thoughts on Remembrance Day

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For a while now, I’ve held a lot of reservations about the Poppy Appeal and have been dissatisfied with Remembrance Day. The fact that something is ostensibly a good cause does not exempt it from responsibilities of a political and historical nature. Comic Relief can seriously be accused of racism … Read More

Features | Remembrance Day: the forgotten victims of conflicts

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As Remembrance Day approaches, Victoria Hesketh talks to a victim of the World War Two Blitz and remembers those victims who did not fight in the war.    This Remembrance Day many will be thinking of the soldiers both past and present but what about the other victims of conflict? … Read More

Red, white and controversial: the Remembrance Day poppy

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For many people throughout the Commonwealth, the most striking image of Remembrance Day is undoubtedly the red poppy, and they will therefore mark the occasion by the simple but profound act of wearing one in public. But this is not without its fair share of controversy…

"During the tour my regiment lost seven men"

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As Remembrance Day approaches, Leeds Student considers what life in the army is like for young people. We spoke to an ex-soldier who has served in Afghanistan and a student involved in the Officer Training Corps about their experience. We are a generation affected by war. In recent years we … Read More