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The Science behind this year’s Science Fiction Movies

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Science-fiction films offer us a chance to escape into a future which we can only dream of – one where anything and everything is possible. Throughout the last few decades Sci-Fi has made incredible strides, in no part thanks to the advancements in special effects technology. The best Sci-Fi films postulate about … Read More

The X-Files: The FBI’s least wanted

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“My life’s become a punchline” remarks Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) as he resignedly watches a YouTube clip of Barack Obama facetiously discussing the subject of UFOs with Jimmy Kimmel. We’re only seven minutes into this underwhelming revival exported by Channel 5 and it’s already become self-aware. It seems to be … Read More

Science-Fiction versus Science Fact

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We live in the future. This isn’t meant to be philosophical or grandiose; when you consider the incredible technological advances which have occurred over the last few decades the truth in that statement should be obvious. Some of the greatest Science Fiction stories have imagined technologies which were considered beyond … Read More