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Stressmas: The Price Britons Pay for a ‘Perfect’ Festive Season

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Your local town centre has put up the Christmas lights, Costa and Starbucks have changed their disposable cups to winter versions and you’ve probably already scoffed a few mince pies. For some, Christmas is the time of eating, drinking and being merry. However, for many, the holidays can also be … Read More

Leeds Students are ‘Playing with Fire’ When it Comes to Electrical Safety, Study Shows

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Most first year students have never lived on their own prior to university. As a result, they are often ill-informed about kitchen safety, or don’t take it as seriously as they should. UK Charity Electrical Safety First is attempting to change this. They recently conducted a survey, revealing the extent … Read More

Leeds Ranks in Top Six ‘All-Rounder’ Universities, ‘Which? University’ Survey Reveals

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The University of Leeds ranked in the top six ‘all-rounder’ UK universities, according to Which? University’s 2018 survey. When choosing which university to attend, prospective students’ opinions are mainly formed by what each university decides to showcase them. Open days, visit days and university prospectuses allow higher education institutions to … Read More

Edu-Groan: Technical Issues Torment Campus

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In an ongoing poll ran by The Gryphon, 88% of the 100 respondents thus far reported issues accessing Eduroam whilst on campus. Of these, 34 students complained that they did not suffer connectivity issues in previous years but do currently, whilst a further 24 claimed that although they have struggled … Read More

Student Exec refuse to back NSS Boycott

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LUU Student Exec decide not to endorse nationwide National Student Survey boycott The LUU student exec have chosen not to endorse the NUS’ National Student Survey (NSS) boycott, a campaign which is attempting to thwart the government’s plans to link tuition fees to teaching quality and thus raise fees around … Read More

University of Leeds offers sixth best student experience in the country

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The University of Leeds offers students the sixth best student experience in the country according to  a survey released today. In the latest Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey, an annual survey of 15,000 undergraduates, Leeds has managed to climb three places from last year to finish sixth in the … Read More

Students graduating this year are the most ‘motivated and ambitious’ of their generation

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Data from the annual UK Graduate Careers Survey 2015 has shown that students graduating this summer, many of whom were amongst the first to pay £9000 tuition fees, are the most ‘motivated and ambitious’ of their generation. This is according to a director of the independent market research company which conducted … Read More

Research finds that UK universities are failing to investigate sexual harassment

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New findings have indicated that UK universities are failing to respond to ‘endemic’ levels of sexual harassment on campus. A survey, conducted by website Hexjam and answered by female UK university students, has revealed that one in three respondents have experienced discrimination or sexual harassment. Over half of these incidents have … Read More

Survey reveals 77% of Leeds Uni students have taken drugs

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Over three-quarters of Leeds students have taken drugs, with 30% having their first experience at University, according to a recent survey by The Gryphon. Cannabis is the most popular drug, having been taken by almost four in five students at some point in their lives. It is the most widely-used … Read More

News | Leeds ranks high for sexual health services

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Leeds has been ranked among the top 5 Universities in the country for sexual health facilities and support. The result comes from a Sexual Health Report Card survey published by Superdrug. Bristol ranked no.1 in the report, being praised for its “forward-thinking delivery methods, setting up dedicated social media profiles … Read More