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Theatre Group’s “Othello” Is A Subversive Take On A Shakespearean Classic

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The Theatre Group’s Othello adaption, directed by Melanie Noa Jehan, is an original take on the Shakespearean classic. While many new elements are added (a poem and a song as well as changes to the characters), the production stays completely true to the plot. The five-act tragedy is split into … Read More

Theatre Group’s “No Exit” Brings Existentialism Into The Modern Age

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Two hours of dialogue set in the same, Victorian-style drawing room doesn’t jump out to me as a performance; in fact, I’d ordinarily be deterred. But the difference from what one may expect, is that No Exit is set in hell, the heat of which only stirs up the growing … Read More

Meet the New Presidents of LUU’s Theatre Group and Open Theatre

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Views Editor Ed Barnes talks new projects and daunting audition processes with Theatre Group‘s Katie Austin and Open Theatre‘s Eve Walton So first of all, to any readers who haven’t heard of your societies, what is it that you do? EVE: So Open Theatre (OT) is an experimental theatre society. … Read More

Theatre Group Offer a Fresh Take on Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’

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Featuring a strong cast, excellent production and a modern interpretation of the Shakespeare classic, Theatre Group’s ‘Macbeth’ is a success. Ella Kennedy’s Macbeth warps the classic tragedy into a narrative of underground secrecy, forming a corporate world peppered with criminality below a surface of tough professionalism. Suited up, and fuelled … Read More

Birdsong: A ‘touching commemoration of the lives lost during the war’

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LUU Theatre Group’s production of Birdsong was haunting to say the least. It defied time by slipping seamlessly between Stephen’s horrific struggle through the war and his time spent in the house of factory owner, Rene Azaire, in France. This lack of chronological order was easy for me to understand, … Read More

‘Constellations’ Looks For Love in an Infinite Universe

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Not so much a typical tale of romance, Nick Payne’s Constellations is a boy-meets-girl two-hander that explores the infinite outcomes of a relationship. A meeting, an intimate night, a betrayal, a reunion, a parting. The audience is constantly challenged to imagine every potential result of the situations presented while the … Read More

Review: TG’s The Trial – comic, captivating and tense

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Based on Franz Kafka’s 1925 novel and adapted by Steven Berkoff, Theatre Group’s performance of The Trial delivered in all areas comic, captivating and tense. Centred around the arrest of Joseph K., played by Joe Goodman, for reasons unknown to himself and the guards who arrest him, K.’s perfectly respectable … Read More

Review: TG’s NSFW – mature in more ways than one

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Advertised as a ‘play all about boobs’ by director, Liv Morrissey, the intellectual integrity of TG’s ‘NSFW’ was queried, however the show was a treat to watch with some poignant and current topics dealt with in a composed, mature and thought-provoking way. The story follows the two publishing houses: ‘Doghouse’, … Read More

‘Trainspotting’ Review: A strong, striking performance

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Before the first line is even delivered, Theatre Group’s Trainspotting stage adaptation drops you into a narcotic-tinted universe, as we are greeted with thumping techno, wavy dancers and a disorientating set. So striking is the set that it proves to almost become a character within the play, transporting us around a grungy Edinburgh with … Read More

‘A Doll’s House’ review – Faithful, yet fiercely relevant

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Henrik Ibsen said that in his major work A Doll’s House he was tasked with “the description of humanity”. Director Lily Melhuish and Producer Anya Dye have certainly managed to convey this in their version of the 1879 Danish play – through a handful of complex and often relatable characters, … Read More