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Autopilot culture: being mindful and pressing pause

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Our every day lives seem to just fly by. We wake up, have breakfast, commute, go to work, school or university, we have lunch, come home, eat dinner, and we go to sleep. We seem to live our lives on auto-pilot and never take time to stop and relax. We … Read More

Knowledge Bytes: Running out of time

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If you’re a computer science student or find computer systems interesting, you’re probably familiar with the concept of Unix time – this being the time keeping method used by multiple operating systems to describe the seconds that have passed since Thursday 1st January 1970. This doesn’t count leap seconds (added … Read More

What’s new in science this week?

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New interface allows locked-in people to communicate: The terrifying prospect of not being able to communicate has become less scary with the advent of a new interface, allowing thoughts to be deciphered. Participants in the tests have been reported as being “happy”, despite their condition. To read more, click here. … Read More

Vice Chancellor Question Time

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In a Q&A session, VC Alan Langlands condemns government policy and hears students’ concerns about University failings. The event began with Sir Alan Langlands outlining his views on how Brexit could affect the University of Leeds, warning that the exit from the EU could lead to a drop in international … Read More

Freshers’ Week ‘a waste of time and money’

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Private school head teachers from around the country have called for universities to start lectures sooner and have branded Freshers’ Week potentially “isolating and expensive”. William Richardson, general secretary of the annual Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference, stated that informal conversations with undergraduate students had suggested that many would prefer to … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: The Gryphon takes you back to 1950…

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Locked away in the vaults of the Brotherton Library lie treasures unimaginable… or at least unexpected. From cookery books to original Shakespeare folios, Special Collections has a little, or a lot, of everything. With freshers now over, but many of you no doubt still feeling rather ‘fresh’, The Gryphon delves … Read More