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The People v. OJ Simpson: Not whodunit, but hedunit

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It is apparent after the first episode of Fox’s new crime drama American Crime Story: The People v. OJ Simpson that the audience is definitely supposed to be on the side of The People; Simpson is clearly not the protagonist. After OJ’s ex-wife and her new partner are murdered, Simpson … Read More

Is Oscar Pistorius Still the Champion of Paralympic Sport?

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Oscar Pistorius has changed the face of Paralympic sport, reaching a level of celebrity usually deemed unattainable for disabled athletes. His devastating descent has been extensively documented by the press with his trial broadcast on an international scale. The harsh reality is that what Pistorius did is not out of … Read More

Italy court clears pair of Leeds student murder

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Italy’s highest court has acquitted Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito of the murder of Leeds University student Meredith Kercher. In a final decision following seven years of trials, judges concluded that a guilty verdict ‘could not be supported by the evidence’. They declined to order another trial. The 27-year-old American and … Read More

UPDATE: Postgrad spared jail for biker death

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A Leeds University student who caused the death of a motorcyclist by driving carelessly has been spared a jail sentence. A court on Tuesday ruled that Chenerusai Makumbe should not go to prison because of her contribution to society as a nurse, Wakefield Express reported. Ms Makumbe, who is studying … Read More

Bring Your Own Blanket

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23.11.12 The Union’s long awaited ‘Nap Space’ is being trialled from November 26 – 30 in Extras. With 300 clubs and societies based in its walls and hundreds of people passing through every day, the Union is a place to touch base on campus – to eat, meet, greet, and … Read More