A Day at The Races and What Leeds Students Wore

Oh, what a day at the races it was! On the 23rd of October the Doncaster races (endearingly named The Donny Races) were held. The day was filled with bet placing, booze, some spectating, and of course some yahs and rahs.  But what no one could miss was the stunning display of fashionable outfits worn by the University of Leeds students. 

Sian Hooper 

Description: Sian was wearing a lovely baby blue satin dress, with a houndstooth pattern shirt-jacket paired with some bright pink heels.

Favourite part: “Has to be the shoes!” 

Pre-owned or brought especially? Pre-owned, from a collection of high-street shops. 

Bella Wagstaff-Sands a.k.a me 

Description:  I wore a vibrant, leopard print satin cowl neck midi dress with patches of purple throughout the dress – it was almost backless giving it a cheeky but sophisticated look. To make it slightly more casual, I paired it with Doc Martens boots and a faux fur jacket: my 70’s inspired sunglasses did also make an appearance thought out the day. 

Favourite part: “I don’t think that I have a singular favourite part, I just loved getting dress up for an event and how the whole outfit made me feel.”

Pre-owned or brought especially? Everything was pre-owed or borrowed apart from the dress which I bought for the races.

Sophie Arundel 

Description: Sophie wore a cute little snake print dress with sheer sleeves and details – the dress was matched perfectly with snake print ankle boots. Sophie definitely made a wise choice to wear tights! The blue fluffy jacket offered both a fun pop of colour to the outfit as well as some warmth. 

Favourite part: “I really loved my coat and it kept me warm

Pre-owned or brought especially: The dress was a new purchase, but everything else was pre-owned. 

Issy Diliberto (left hand side)

Description: Issy looked incredible with her all-black outfit whilst some may think that it is easy to slip into the crowd in all black. With a black mini dress and 70’s coat she looked so chic. But the really eye catcher were her shoes – knee high boots are definitely this season’s must have, but I personally haven’t seen them pulled off quite like this. 

Favourite part: “My heart says the shoes, but my feet are telling a different story. Beauty is pain.” 

Pre-owned or brought especially: All pre-owned apart from the shoes.

Avni Patel (right hand side) 

Description: Avni looked very chic in her midi length dress. She definitely stood out from the crowd – for all the right reasons. The muted lime dress was given an edge by her black ankle boots and leather jacket.

Favourite part: “I like the leather jacket that I barrowed it kept me warm.” Pre-owned or brought especially: The dress was brand new from a small business and she has other events that she wants to wear it again to


Description: This outfit really did stand out from the crowd. I loved the eclectic feel this outfit gave off, it was fun and exciting, which totally matched Lileth’s personality. This fun outfit was mainly made up of a white dress with ditsy print, a 70’s inspired coat and a multicoloured scarf.  

Favourite part: “My scarf – my friend made it for me, and my dress.” 

Pre-owned or brought especially Pre-owned or borrowed from friends.

Annabel Parsons

Description: So so stylish! Annabel’s outfit was very put together, the classy black mini dress paired with a vintage tartan blazer, tied together with a vibrant green zig-zag scarf. 

Favourite part: “I do love my Missoni scarf, but I’d actually say my favourite piece is the vintage green check blazer as it’s my mum’s from when she was my age – she’s my fashion inspiration.”

Pre-owned or brought especially: All preowned! 

Emma (in the centre of the group)

Description: Emma’s outfit was defiantly different to the norm of dresses, she decided to wear trousers and a nice top instead – still looking very classy. The brown House of Sunny top flattered Emma and matched her grey trousers. 

Favourite part: “My top. It was an investment pieces and I love that I got to wear it again.”

Pre-owned or brought especially all pre-owned: All pre-owned.

Mollie Wheeler

Description: Green is in this season! It is clear to see why, with Molly pulling off this beautiful green silky dress with a white floral print. Molly looked spectacular in the flattering dress as it was paired with contrasting black aviator jacket and heeled boots.  

Favourite part: “The dress as I have gotten so many wears out of it – and it has so many nice memories attached to it.”

Pre-owned or brought especially: All pre-owned.

Lizzie Harley (left hand side)

Description: Cute is the word I would use to describe Lizzies’ outfit. Although Lizzie had also chosen to wear a dress, it was the baby doll style of dress which made her truly stand out. The dress itself was a thick cotton material with white and pastel yellow pin stripes, which contrasted nicely with her black and white zig zag pattern coat. 

Favourite part: “I love my coat, it’s so comfy and I wear it almost every wear, it’s like a giant blanket.” 

Pre-owned or brought especially: All pre-owned.

It wasn’t just the girls that made a fabulous effort – the boys the scrubbed up nicely as well. Here just a few varied looks that the boys went for.  


Charlie looked very dapper in his 3-piece grey checked suit. This was a perfect fit for the races, and to be fair most formal events, getting the wear out this suit. 

(My personal favourite was that can of Stella)


Tom’s outfit was a perfect mix between formal and causal. From the blue chino trousers, cotton shirt and dark blue tie to the casual Schöffel (for those Southerners who don’t know a Schöffel is, it’s basically an upmarket countryside gilet – very Yorkshire). Once again paired will a Stella! 


Rob went casual but still smart to the races: the beige chinos and grey quarter zip gave the outfit a more relaxed feel. However, the shirt and tie still smartened it up. This look was very popular at the races – looks like Leeds students love a quarter zip. 

Adam & friend

Would it be the be races without boys and their flat caps? The races unquestionably allowed them to live out their Peaky Blinders fantasy. Here is a photo of Adam and his friend – could they be the next Thomas Shelby? They both wore suit trousers and plain shirt allowing the flat cap to be the main event. 

So, whose was your favourite? What style would you go for?  But most importantly, what will you be wearing to the races next year? Time to get planning!