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10 ways to de-stress now that exams are done.

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There’s no two ways about it, exams are stressful. But now, thankfully, for most of us they’re over. So here are 10 ways to de-stress now that you’re free. Meet your friends for a coffee and a chat. Meeting friends is a great way to take your mind off your … Read More

Body positivity: the ‘perfect body’ does not exist

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In this world social media presents us with models with very small frames, muscular frames, or whatever else is deemed fashionable – and we’re told this is the ‘perfect’ body. This leads to many young girls and boys becoming insecure about the way they look, potentially leading them to starve … Read More

In the Spotlight: Yoga Society

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This week, The Gryphon interviews Stephanie, a committee member on LUU’s Yoga Society. Yoga is not just physical exercise but a form of spiritual and mental meditation originating in India. The LUU Yoga Society is four years old and holds classes every day of the week, each class featuring a … Read More

The Gryphon interviews Olympic heptathlete Louise Hazel

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FRESHERS’ week is infamous for students around the UK drinking copious amounts of alcohol and attending over-hyped events at questionable nightclubs. For many, exercise and healthy living is the last thing on their minds as they re-acclimatise themselves back into university life. However, here at Leeds University, one event took a new approach … Read More

Beginner’s Guide to Yoga

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Yoga Society’s Social Secretary, Alice Loveys Jervoise, translates what the different styles of Yoga mean. Intimidated by the complex sounding-names? This handy guide from The Yoga Society explains the different types of yoga to help you choose which is best for you. Whichever style you choose, you’re sure to feel the amazing health … Read More

Features | The top five New Year stereotypes

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We are now well into the second month of 2014 and, statistically, the vast majority of people will have already terribly failed their new year’s resolutions. However there are still some brave souls desperate to achieve their objective, battling through each and every day.   The Calorie Counter You will … Read More

Why are we sweating?

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We are special. Along with luscious locks, mammary glands, and a neocortex, we are one of the only groups that sweat. Our stinky glands are a common characteristic among mammals, providing evidence of shared ancestry. Yet, some perspire more than others. I recall a Thai hostel owner peering at me … Read More