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Re living LRFS’ TIME.LESS performance

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This year’s much anticipated 10th anniversary Leeds RAG Fashion Show took the captivating title of ‘TIME•LESS’, a show incorporating the moments in life experienced by all, ones to remember, ones we would rather avoid and ones we would like to revive. These key events in life are ones that fashion … Read More

TIME.LESS: The Show of the Year

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Leeds Rag Fashion Show is commonly known as the hottest event in the fashion conscious student’s calendar. With this year’s RAG Fashion show fast approaching we decided to find out from the team what’s in store with this exclusive interview.  What is the reasoning behind it?  This year’s theme is … Read More

The Leeds RAG Fashion Show is BACK!

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The most highly anticipated event in the union calendar is back with a bang this year and begun its festivities with a launch part at Faversham earlier this week. The event boasted 3 Flux DJ’s including Reuban Wachs, Max Wallauer and Perry Miles and the venue was decorated with bunches … Read More

Leeds RAG Fashion Show 2015

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It has been a main topic of conversation on campus since, well, forever, and on Thursday night the world of fairytales manifested itself in Leeds RAG Fashion Show’s ‘Through The Looking Glass’ themed event. With over 30 committee members, 70 models, 7 production assistants, 40 runners and 20 dressers, you … Read More

The Gryphon talks to LRFS Directors

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In the run up to the biggest and most anticipated charity event of the LUU calendar, The Gryphon has a chat to Anna Rhodes, one of the LRFS Directors, alongside Issy Croneen, to see what it took to organise such a fantastic event and what it took to get the … Read More

LRFS Special

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Next Thursday the Leeds RAG Fashion Show promises to take us on a whirlwind journey of high fashion as it considers fashion through the looking glass. From Hansel and Gretel inspired scenes to the Magician’s hat of Lewis Carroll’s wonderland adventures, we are set to re-live our favourite fairytales with … Read More

LSA Presents Fusion: A Bollywood Show Review

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Glamourous, cultural and hilarious, the Leeds South Asian society’s ‘Fusion’ The Bollywood Show really delivered on its promise of being one of the biggest and most entertaining productions of the year. The society aims to celebrate all things South Asian, and their show did exactly that. I was initially a … Read More

The Angels have landed

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Spreading its lacy wings over across our nation’s capital for the very first time, the latest Victoria’s Secret fashion show once more didn’t fail to impress. What began as simple promotional tool has come to be one of the industry’s most high profile events where some of the most innovative, … Read More

LRFS Launch Party

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Who said students can’t be glamorous and sophisticated? This was certainly the theme of Leeds RAG’s Fashion Show launch party at the Belgrave Music Hall on Tuesday night. The LRFS is one of the biggest events on the uni calendar and what better way to let off some steam than with … Read More