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Mahalia Brings Her Raw Talent to Wardrobe, 15.10.18

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As Mahalia strutted out on stage in her light pink jumpsuit and black high top converse, you knew you were in for a treat; she appeared so cool and calm that you could not help but admire her. Then she burst into her popular track ‘No Pressure’ to warm up … Read More

R&B Singer-Songwriter Mahalia Comes to Leeds October 15th

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Mahalia Burkmar, originally from Leicestershire but now based in Birmingham, is a 20-year-old singer and songwriter who wrote her first song when she was around 8 years old, and was signed to a record label by 13. However, she didn’t release her first EP until 2012, called Head Space. It … Read More

10 Women Who Should Be On the Line-up

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One look at the first Wireless 2018 announcement and you’ll be left with the bitter taste of patriarchy in your mouth. Of the 39 acts announced, just 3 women feature across the weekend; Mabel stands alone on the Friday, while Cardi B and Lisa Mercedez represent on the Sunday. This lack … Read More