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Nappily Ever After Review

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In a world that is being called out for cultural appropriation, black women’s hairstyles are praised when other races have them, but on a black woman they are often criticised.  Nappily Ever After tries to focus on the societal beauty standards placed on black women, especially when it comes to … Read More

One Year On: How #MeToo Has Affected Film

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Once the Harvey Weinstein scandal surfaced last year, a total of 87 women came together and spoke out about his treatment of women. But how has that changed the way women are treated in the industry? Feminism on and around the silver screen is perhaps beginning to be taken more … Read More

The Art of a New City: Nineties Berlin Exhibition Review

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Following a trip to Berlin over summer, Carmen Walker-Vazquez reviews a new multi-media exhibition that captures 1990s Berlin through music, video and installation. Tucked away on a quiet industrial lot in the Berlin neighbourhood of Mitte is the city’s newest and largest multi-media exhibition. Opened to the public in August, … Read More

BlackKkKlansman: Essential Viewing That Will Make You Angry In The Right Way

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Following the true story of a black man infiltrating the Ku Klux Klan in the 1970s, BlackkKlansman is an offensive, in-your-face, and unflinching depiction of racism and fanatical politics. It’s constant parallelisms to Trump alongside the hopeful naiveté of the main character pull together every strand of hatred and discrimination … Read More

Utøya: Should Filmmakers Continue to Depict Terrorist Attacks?

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With the news of the release of two separate films depicting the events of the 2011 Utøya attack in Norway, Mailies Fleming explores the moral implications of depicting terrorist attacks on screen. As the month of September ushered in the 17th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in 2001, it seems … Read More

Fresher’s Week Special: Coming Of Age Films To Watch With Your New Flatmates

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Starting or returning to university is daunting, so why not make this time less stressful by sitting down and bonding over some crowd-pleasing movies with your flatmates? Here are just a few to get you started: Ladybird (2017) Set in 2002, the film follows Christine ‘Lady Bird’ McPherson (Saoirse Ronan) … Read More

Review: Searching

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When his daughter goes missing, a distant father (John Cho) must unravel her sprawling online world in an incisive, unofficial investigation which provides the basis of Searching. This is a missing-person thriller which at many points feels like Prisoners remade as an Apple advert, however, thanks to solid work from … Read More

Disney Live-Action: Nostalgic or Uncreative?

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It appears that Walt Disney Company has struck yet another goldmine: live-action adaptations of animated classics. This recent Disney trend has already produced several successes, including the likes of Cinderella (2015) and Beauty and the Beast (2017), which earned a grand total of $544 million and $1.3 billion respectively in … Read More

An Introduction to Hyde Park Picture House

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If we told you that the UK’s only remaining gas-lit cinema sits right on our doorstep in the form of a charming and relaxed grade II listed building would you believe us? The infamous Hyde Park in Leeds is home to the unique and quirky Hyde Park Picture House located … Read More

Suspenseful, eerie and disturbing: Calibre review

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Calibre, a recently-released Netflix thriller, was exactly what it was advertised to be. It was suspenseful, eerie and the undercurrent of tension built to a disturbing crescendo at the right moments. What begins as an unfortunate accident during a hunting trip in the Scottish Highlands swiftly deteriorates into something much … Read More