2016: A Year in Sport

From Donald Trump to Brexit, toxic elections and terrorists attacks may be the first things which come to mind when thinking back to the year of 2016. However, despite all the doom and gloom, in the world of sport 2016 saw an incredible year full of major sporting successes.

2015: A Year in Sport

Where to start? Perhaps with Tyson Fury who in late November stunned Wladimir Klitschko to become WBA, IBF and WBO heavyweight champion of the world. Enigmatic as ever, Fury – at his Everest – serenaded the world with Aerosmith’s “Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” and in a year of upsets, shocks and glory, who would?

2014: A Year in Sport

2014, like all even years, possessed two of the biggest sporting events, both the Olympic Games and the Men’s World Cup. While the Winter Olympics doesn’t necessarily possess the same appeal as it’s Summer counterpart, this one, held in Sochi, was especially special from a geopolitical point of view, as Russia and Russia’s government would be under the microscope due to recent events between Ukraine and Russia. Meanwhile, the Summer brought an especially exciting World Cup, with Brazil hosting their first World Cup since 1950 – where they were embarrassed by a shock defeat to Uruguay. The decision to hand Brazil the World Cup came under criticism from those inside and out who felt Brazil could have spent the money wiser, with over 5 million in extreme poverty – according to World Bank.