University of Leeds: Social Sport

Image Credit [Will Pickworth] The Gryphon spoke to George Hewetson, captain of Free Entry Before XI, about the benefits of participating in a Social Sport league. Playing sport at university can be intimidating or unreachable, […]

Boycott Threatens Cricket World Cup

Image Credit [The National] India’s cricket team could boycott their match with Pakistan at the Cricket World Cup in England and Wales this summer.  Doubts around whether the game will be played have emerged following […]

Rooting for Gay Rights

Image Credit [] England’s Test Team Captain has been praised for his bold reaction to homophobic comments. In recent years, sports stars have only been revealing their homosexuality after they have retired. Perhaps the most […]

Tackling Transphobia in Sport

Image Credit: [Sky Sports] Martina Navratilova has recently come under fire for an article she wrote in The Times about trans athletes Martina Navratilova has recently come under fire for an article she wrote in […]

Alan Wynning Jones

Image Credit [BBC] Eddie Jones was probably the only Jones in Cardiff unhappy with the 21-13 win to Wales in Round 3 of the the Six Nations. Touted by many as the “Grand Slam decider”, […]

Kepa Me On Boss

Image Credit [Washington Post] Manchester City’s victory in this year’s Carabao Cup was overshadowed by Kepa’s refusal to be substituted before the penalty shootout, with the Chelsea keeper’s actions taking the shine off of City’s […]

Premier League Darts review

Image Credit: [SportingLife] You are confused as to why your Dad is drunk and jumping around in a batman outfit on TV. Fortunately for you, he is not attending a paternal rights protest to win […]