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The Gryphon’s Best Albums of 2018

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Ask a crowd of 500 people what their favourite album of 2018 was and you’ll get 500 different answers, because there was just that much good music which came out this year. From the return of pop-favourite Robyn, to the introspective rap of Noname, to the idiosyncratic beats from SOPHIE, … Read More

Art and Artist: Unchangeably Intertwined?

2 months ago / 0 comments

Shrouded in controversy long before his death in June, rapper XXXTentacion left a trail of increasingly shocking criminal charges in his wake; the likes of which include homophobic attacks and the aggravated battery of a pregnant victim. Yet still, a legion of devoted fans continue to support the musician and … Read More

In The Middle with DMA’s

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If you’re a fan of DMA’s, or have been following them for a while, it’s unlikely that you’ve been able to read much about them without seeing the names Oasis, The Stone Roses, or Primal Scream following swiftly afterwards. These persistent comparisons, whilst impressive, must undoubtedly become tedious for a … Read More

In The Middle with Elder Island

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Shoes off. Feet up. Kicking it back in the tight and cosy backstage of Belgrave Music Hall, I am welcomed by the warm and gentle aura of Elder Island. The band have been sparking huge interest on the gig circuits recently for their unique blend of electronics, synthesizers and the … Read More

A Programme of French Choral Music: What To Expect

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In less than a week, the Clothworkers Centenary Concert Hall will be filled with the voices of the women’s and mixed chorus from the School of Music. The repertoire of French choral music from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries features works of some of the most significant composers of … Read More

In The Middle with BLOXX

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BLOXX are eager, young, and fresh. Selling out three dates so far on their first headline tour, the four from London are yet to even put out an album or an EP, and yet boast 220,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. This interview with lead singer, Fee, took place a few … Read More

Musicians Tackle Online Trolling Head-On

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The ever-expanding phenomenon of social media most definitely has its pros. It allows us to keep in contact with those that we’d be unlikely to otherwise, it increases voter participation, helping to bring about political change, and even provides creative outlets with the tap of a screen. However, the epitome … Read More

Bad Sounds: Helping you to Get Better

2 months ago / 0 comments

Bad Sounds’ frontmen, and brothers, sit down with our writer Lucy Ingram before their halloween show at Brudenell Social Club to talk about their tour and debut album, Get Better. Defining Bad Sounds’ music is a tricky task. The fresh, infectious band evades easy categorisation, saying “we don’t identify as an indie … Read More

In the Middle with Her’s

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Gabby Kenny meets with Stephen Fitzpatrick and Audun Laading – the dynamic duo Her‘s – as they come to the end of their UK tour. Backstage at the Brudenell Social Club, the boys discuss their stylistic inspirations, their hopes for the future and their experiences on tour. Stephen Fitzpatrick and … Read More

The Music Modernization Act: Music as Politics, Politics as Music

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Kanye West made front page news last month with his crazed rant during a meeting with President Donald Trump, going on a tirade about alternate universes and “iPlanes”. What you might have missed was that earlier the same day the President passed a piece of legislation that had been whispered … Read More