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Musicians Tackle Online Trolling Head-On

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The ever-expanding phenomenon of social media most definitely has its pros. It allows us to keep in contact with those that we’d be unlikely to otherwise, it increases voter participation, helping to bring about political change, and even provides creative outlets with the tap of a screen. However, the epitome … Read More

Bad Sounds: Helping you to Get Better

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Bad Sounds’ frontmen, and brothers, sit down with our writer Lucy Ingram before their halloween show at Brudenell Social Club to talk about their tour and debut album, Get Better. Defining Bad Sounds’ music is a tricky task. The fresh, infectious band evades easy categorisation, saying “we don’t identify as an indie … Read More

In the Middle with Her’s

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Gabby Kenny meets with Stephen Fitzpatrick and Audun Laading – the dynamic duo Her‘s – as they come to the end of their UK tour. Backstage at the Brudenell Social Club, the boys discuss their stylistic inspirations, their hopes for the future and their experiences on tour. Stephen Fitzpatrick and … Read More

The Music Modernization Act: Music as Politics, Politics as Music

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Kanye West made front page news last month with his crazed rant during a meeting with President Donald Trump, going on a tirade about alternate universes and “iPlanes”. What you might have missed was that earlier the same day the President passed a piece of legislation that had been whispered … Read More

A Celebration of Saxophone Day

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Sometimes, it seems like the saxophone is underrated outside of its beginnings in classical music and its jazzy tendencies. This alone should make it clear that Saxophone Day, on the 6th November, deserves to exist and should be celebrated. “But there seems to be a day for everything now!”, you … Read More

Oxjam Takes Over Leeds for One Night Only

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Oxjam came back for its fifth year in Leeds this weekend – bringing with it another day packed full of incredible music. For only £2 a venue, or £10 for a wristband with access to all 5 venues, you could see 30 plus bands and over 12 hours of live … Read More

Black Music in Leeds: The Rise of Sound Systems and the Advent of ‘Pirate’ Radio

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Claude ‘Hopper’ Hendrickson, now a Project Manager working on Racial Justice campaigns such as the ‘Race Card Project’ at Leeds West Indian Centre, has been involved in Leeds’ Sound Systems since the age of fourteen. He speaks to Ellie Montgomery about his experiences of identity, community and music within the … Read More

Celebrating Black History Month: 7 Black Artists Who Kill it in Heavy Metal and Hard Rock

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When you think of heavy metal and hard rock, ‘diverse’ isn’t the first descriptor that comes to mind; the genre is primarily-dominated by white men, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t talented black and POC musicians putting out excellent music. In celebration of Black History Month, writer Matthew Williams shines … Read More

Is A Surprise Beyoncé Release Around the Corner?

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For the last decade Beyoncé Knowles-Carter has become renowned for the control she has exerted over her public image down to the last detail. She rarely gives interviews and when she does, she has completely control. At her shows, professional cameras are no longer permitted, and she urges the press … Read More

Utilising Music For Self-Care

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Whether you are in your first year of University and dealing with moving away from home, or you are in final year trying to manage the looming pressure of a dissertation, we all need to prioritise time for a bit of self-care. World Mental Health Day has just passed and, … Read More