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We’re Not Doing Enough for Women Abused by Loved Ones

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For thousands of women across the world, the men closest to them are the most dangerous. The 25th November marked the start of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence to combat violence against women around the world. With this day came the release of new data by the … Read More

Internet Activism or ‘Slacktivism’?

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This year marked the 26th anniversary of #worldmentalhealthday: a campaign geared towards ‘raising awareness’ about mental health issues. While this is valuable, both the campaign and the hashtag touch upon two complex issues surrounding mental health: the limitations of internet activism, and the wider notion of ‘raising awareness’ with its … Read More

#Project84: Sparking the Conversation Around Male Suicide

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On March 26th, 84 men appeared on the roof of the ITV studios in London. 72 figures were positioned on the ITV studios tower and 12 stood on the roof on the This Morning studio. Although the ominous figures were only life-like sculptures, they represented a shocking statistic – that … Read More

After The Hashtag

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In a 21st century digital age, is it really possible to be or affect the change that you want to see in the world? Our helpless generation appears to have all the right intentions, but no feasible idea of how to implement them. Twitter is perennially saturated with stories of … Read More

Portrait of an artist as a young activist

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The Gryphon Features look at the prominence of fake news and the art world’s capacity to question it. Recently one of the most prominent buzzwords in current affairs, bandied around by everybody from readers of the Guardian to angry politics students, is ‘fake news’. This is the notion that what … Read More

#Slacktivism: Are we protesting enough?

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In world of increasing social injustice and political division, activism is needed more than ever. But is a Tweet or Facebook share enough? Meenakshi Parmar discusses… I think it’s fair to define myself as a slacktivist. A classic armchair activist. I will sit at my computer and feel affirmation simply … Read More

Is Love All We need?

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Jessie Jones looks at the current political climate, outlining ways in which we can remain hopeful in a time of uncertainty and upheaval.  In his recent Thump article about my friends’ night Brudenell Groove, Tom Glencross described it as ‘nakedly political’. These two words resonated with me more than any … Read More

Is #Hashtag a movement or not?

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As social media becomes more and more politicised, Somya Mehta looks at Facebook and Twitter as platforms for change. Is this straying away from a tradition of activism? Or is it a new and innovative way to bring issues to all corners of the globe? Social media activism has become … Read More

Social Media Activism: Doing Virtually Any Good?

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Last year’s Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS Association, ‘#blacklivesmatter’ for solidarity with those suffering in America, and ‘No Make-Up Selfies’ for Cancer Research UK. These are all examples of social media trending phenomenon which we have all either heard of or taken part in, aiming to rally for the greater … Read More

UPDATE: Leeds graduate dies in Thailand

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The family of a Leeds University graduate who died in Thailand last week have paid tribute to their daughter who they claim died from natural causes. Posting on Christina Annesley’s Facebook page, her mother Margaret wrote, ‘We have lost our beautiful daughter Chrissie in Thailand of natural causes. We are … Read More