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Business or Betrayal? Amazon Set to Rival Partners UPS and FedEx With Their Own Delivery Service

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It was recently revealed that the world leading e-commerce company, Amazon, have begun to test the possibility of providing a delivery service to customers. The business currently relies upon long-term partners UPS and FedEx amongst others to distribute millions of packages throughout the world, many of which are ordered through … Read More

Good Grief, it’s a new coral reef

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A 3,600-square mile coral reef ecosystem has been discovered beneath the murky waters of the Amazon river’s mouth and is now known as one of the greatest reef systems in the world! This 600-mile-long reef stretches along the coast of French Guiana and northern Brazil and was discovered by a … Read More

What’s new in science this week?

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Polling found to still be best predictor of election results: In a study from the University of Houston, researchers have found that global polling can predict up to 90% of election outcomes from around the world. Despite the views of some, in light of Donald Trump’s surprise election, the study shows … Read More

From past to present – Amazon

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Since its birth in 1995 Amazon has shook the business world and has revolutionised the way we buy our goods! Everyone knows the name, yet only a few people know its story.  In this short article I will try and tell you all a little more about how a man … Read More

Amazon’s Next Revolution

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Siri, Google Now and Cortana are all names many of us are familiar with, the clever voice assistants that reside in our mobiles and tablets. When first introduced, these services were hailed as the future of user interaction with technology, but no such future has surfaced (other than using them … Read More

TV | Transparent a success for Amazon

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Transparent, set in Los Angeles, focuses on a divorced transgendered father’s transition from Mort to Moira, and the lives of her three emerging adult children. We’re introduced to the oldest child, Sarah’s mundane family life, middle child Josh’s successful career in film, and the youngest, Ali’s life in limbo, jobless … Read More