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When you wish upon a star

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Have you ever heard someone say “when you look up at the night sky, you’re actually looking into the past”. Is it true? Well technically, yes. As we know, light travels at a speed of roughly 300,000 kilometres a second. Even the brightest star in our sky (Sirius A) is … Read More

Cecilia Payne: Forgotten Stargazer

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I still remember when someone told me back at college that there really weren’t any women in science, apart from Marie Curie. I remember thinking, “surely there are ‘no women’ because of the inherent patriarchal barriers faced by women historically”.  Meet Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin, a textbook example of such a case. … Read More

Science | Crowdfunding: science by popular demand

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India this month participated in one of the most important races and feats of human ingenuity. The race to Mars is well under way and whist many acknowledge the noble intent of the mission, the search for potential life forms, living or deceased, should a nation of devastating poverty be sending … Read More