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The Battle of the Titans: Marvel and DC’s Cinematic Universe

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With the release of ‘Justice League’, DC’s plan for an expansive cinematic universe has been set in motion. But how do their films compare to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and what makes them so different? Marvel and DC Entertainment are two powerhouse franchises that always seem to be placed in … Read More

Film | The Lego Movie – This film is for you, whatever your age

5 years ago / 0 comments

Image: Warner Bros. No words can fully describe how excited I was for this film. Not only is it a Lego movie, it was created by the same guys who made Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. By taking an ordinary minifigure called Emmet and making him extraordinary, the Lego … Read More

News | Tom Hardy comes to Leeds

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Hollywood hunk Tom Hardy has been spotted this week visiting Leeds’ International Film Festival, causing an online frenzy. The star of the most recent Batman film was spotted in Leeds city centre on November 17 at Carluccios, Harvey Nichols and the Vue Cinema. Some students were lucky enough to get … Read More