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Black Panther: the film shaking the foundations of Colonialism

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Black Panther is a technicolour world, constructed by cinematographer Rachel Morrison, to the cast who are, to borrow from an popular black hair product line, ‘Dark [skinned] and Lovely’, the film’s politics are woven into its very fabric paralleling the Wakandan’s depositing of vibranium into their clothes. Over the course … Read More

Black History Month Events Come to a Close

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Black History Month has been an ongoing presence on our campus throughout October, with a diverse array of events. Many writers and activists and various creatives have been invited to speak on a number of panels, with topics ranging from mental health to spirituality. The Union organised many events and … Read More

What Does Being ‘Black’ Mean to You?

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I had always had a broad awareness that I was considered ‘black’ by society and the world, but I had never known what it really meant to be ‘black’. People often said it was the ‘colour of your skin’ but, on closer examination, this couldn’t be the case, since there … Read More

University of Leeds considering introducing module on Black British History

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The University of Leeds is considering developing a Black British History module, believed to be the first of its kind at a Russell Group university in the United Kingdom. If the module does go ahead, it could be available to students in the School of History within the next few academic years. Students … Read More

Making Black History

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A few months after its release, Jessie Jones reflects on the impact of Frank Ocean’s ‘Blonde’. If you speak to any hip-hop fans about 2016, somebody, and something, will almost definitely be the first thing they mention: Frank Ocean and his stunning album ‘Blonde’. This was THE album. After 2012’s … Read More

Cruel Britannia: Remembering Oluwale

3 years ago / 1 comments

An artistic insight into racism, police brutality and mental health, ‘Oluwale Now’ is a daylong event celebrating the life and death of David Oluwale, a victim of terror at the hands of Leeds City Police. The Gryphon explores the life and death of David Oluwale. His body found lying face … Read More

The BlackPoppyRose: Lest we forget…

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As Remembrance Day approaches, we are called to remember those who fought, and are still fighting, in British wars and zones of conflict. The Gryphon focuses on the ‘BlackPoppyRose’ project, launched to remember the often unheralded contributions of Black and African soldiers within global conflicts. The recognisable red poppy was established … Read More

Big Hair, Don’t Care

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As Black History Month comes to a close, The Gryphon discusses hair within the history of the Black community and speaks to community project, Crown Me Natural UK, about their work. If you picture the most wonderful hair you can think of, do you think of something similar to your … Read More