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Libraries Are For Studying, Not For Snacking

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At first thought, the introduction of snacks into the library may sound like a good thing. Many universities around the UK are more lax than Leeds about the consumption of food and drink. York, for instance, allows drinks and cold food, whereas our libraries limit us to bottled water only. … Read More

Tony Harrison at 80: A Celebration of One of Leeds’ Most Accomplished Poets

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Earlier this month, local poet Tony Harrison visited the university as part of the celebration of his life and works to mark his eightieth birthday. Harrison is considered one of the greatest poets writing in the UK today and is widely celebrated in Leeds having grown up and studied in … Read More

Leeds University collects over £200,000 in library fines

2 years ago / 0 comments

Over the past three years, The University of Leeds has collected over £211,000 in library fines from overdue books. In this time, universities across Yorkshire have received more than £600,000 in library fines. The total collected at Leeds University was the highest, followed by Leeds Beckett which received nearly £150,000, … Read More

News | Missing soldiers to be named in Brotherton War Memorial

4 years ago / 0 comments

The names of twenty-five World War One soldiers are to be added to the Brotherton Library Great War Memorial, as part of the University’s centenary commemorations. The names of the twenty-five soldiers, who were all in some way connected with the University of Leeds, were discovered by community researcher David … Read More

All’s fine for RAG

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The Library is to donate an entire week’s worth of fines to Raising And Giving (RAG), as part of the annual RAG Week fundraising celebration. £14,000-worth of library fines have been added to RAG’s Community Fund, representing the average weekly haul of fines the library receives from students returning books, … Read More

Roll up, roll up, read all about it!

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2.11.12 A Leeds Student survey has found students are demanding national newspapers in the University’s libraries. Currently, both the Edward Boyle and Brotherton libraries maintain subscriptions to national newspapers from Spain, France, Germany and other European countries, but have no British national newspapers. The Brotherton also contains an extensive microfilm … Read More