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Oxbridge Accused of “Social Apartheid”

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Oxford and Cambridge University, often perceived as the most prestigous academic institutions in the country,  are being accused of ‘social apartheid’ after failing to admit a single black student to a number of their colleges.  One in five of Cambridge Colleges and one in three Oxford Colleges failed to admit a … Read More

Elite Universities Lobby Others to Bear Brunt of Cuts

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After discussion within the government regarding university funding, some Russell Group universities have suggested that more modern establishments should drop their fees, as they can afford to be on the receiving end of cuts as they have lower running costs. During Theresa May’s speech at the Conservative party conference, she … Read More

Campus Watch

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University of Oxford: Oxford College bans Christian Union from Fresher’s Fair Balliol Christian Union was told it was not allowed representatives at a fresher’s fair because the college’s student body (JCR) wanted the fair to be a “secular space”. A multi-faith stall was allowed to hand out leaflets, but nobody … Read More

Tories Cut Ties With University Groups

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The Conservative Party are cutting their ties with all university groups after a number of incidents caused negative backlash towards their party.   It follows a recommendation from an internal report and suggests the party is trying to distance itself from embarrassing past actions from student members. These incidents are not … Read More

Campus Watch: Cambridge students warned not to wear college gowns over fears they may be face attack

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Dr Paul Hartle, an English fellow at St Catherine’s college, expressed his concerns following an assault of a Cambridge student cycling across the city centre wearing college attire. Students were urged to refrain from wearing academic gowns and dinner party dress when out and about in the city centre. “The … Read More

Campus Watch: Cambridge women overtake men in successful applications for the first time

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UCAS figures show that despite fewer female students applying this year a higher proportion of women received offers over men. Almost 900 fewer women than men applied to the University of Cambridge compared to the previous year, but female students received just 30 fewer offers. This equates to a 6.5 … Read More

Campus Watch: Cambridge University accused of covering up anti-Semitic attacks

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At the end of October in the graduate student union at Cambridge University, three Jewish students wearing kippahs were verbally and physically abused as they were leaving the private party for the sporting societies of Christ’s College. As they were leaving, they were met with a mob that allegedly tried … Read More

Campus Watch: Cambridge students slammed for holding drinking initiation on remembrance Sunday

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We often hear the phrase, ‘there’s a time and a place’ and, evidently, a sombre square opposite a church on Remembrance Sunday is not the time nor the place to hold a noisy, boozy sports initiation. The incident took place outside Great St. Mary’s Church on Remembrance Sunday, wherein a … Read More

Campus Watch: Cambridge students reject plan to end public display of exam results

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Cambridge Students have decisively rejected a plan to put an end to the “wailing wall” of exam results, a 300 year old tradition which publicly publishes the grades of named students. A student referendum revealed that 55% of students felt that the tradition did not promote “a culture of shaming”, … Read More

The Interview: Phillip Breen "Fear stalks the rehearsal room"

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  Doesn’t sex and violence obsess every seventeen-year-old boy?” asks Phillip Breen when I question the choice of play that became his directing debut: Ariel Dorfman’s Death And The Maiden –  a harrowing tale of a political prisoner raped by her captors to the sound of Schubert’s composition of the … Read More