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Blasphemy Laws Must be Consigned to History

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Ireland recently voted to remove the crime of blasphemy from its constitution. Only fifty years ago this country resembled a Catholic theocracy, it has now begun to remove the last vestiges of religious privilege from its law. However, two incidents have occurred in as many weeks that illuminate the wicked … Read More

Censoring Drill Music Will Not Solve Problems of Violence

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Drill music is the latest genre of UK urban music to be blamed for inciting violence amongst young people. Music has often been the focus of those trying to explain the violence of people they don’t really understand; think grime in the 2000’s or hip hop in the 90’s. The … Read More

Brave Spaces’: the Solution to Free Speech?

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Universities should provide special ‘brave spaces’ on Campus, where students and outside speakers are free to voice unpopular or controversial views. John Palfrey, a former professor and vice-dean at Harvard Law School, made the proposal in his recent book ‘safe space, brave spaces’. He argues that every campus should have … Read More

Campus Watch: Censorship irony as Lincoln Union bans society for highlighting poor free speech ranking

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Lincoln’s student union has imposed a social media ban upon the University’s Conservative Society after the latter posted an image to Twitter highlighting the institution’s free speech ranking. The Union claimed that the image, which showed that the University had been rated as “very intolerant” in a free speech survey, … Read More

Campus Watch: Ridiculed tabloid ban overturned in near unanimous student vote

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City University’s controversial tabloid newspaper ban looks set to be overturned less than three months after it was implemented. As reported by The Gryphon, the University voted to ban selling The Sun, Daily Mail and Express in campus outlets, accusing them of “stirring up racial hatred” and “attacking the weakest … Read More

In light of POLIS Soc taking a stand on the U.S election, is it right for any university body to silence or take a position against extremist viewpoints?

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Yes -Emma Healey University is a place where we should be challenged. We should have to think critically about our views, opinions, and actions, and sometimes this challenge will come from reading or listening to someone or something we don’t agree with However, there has to be a line. We … Read More

Student media faces censorship from own Union

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      16.11.12 Students are set to vote in a referendum to decide whether student media should be allowed to report on certain political groups. The campus wide vote comes after an Extraordinary Better Union forum held to discuss the idea proved inconclusive. Online voting will open for four … Read More

Big Debate: Hashtag Democracy

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     With Nick Griffin and Neo-Nazi group Better Hannover being recent examples of controversy on the Twittersphere, Big Debate asks, should Tweets be censored?   “NO” John Briggs The world is full of people with abhorrent views. Nick Griffin, the man so keen to portray himself as the new Churchill but who manages to … Read More