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Theresa May got us into this election mess. Now let her muddle through it.

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These election results are a shambolic mess. It has cost us £130 million and didn’t give the increased majority the Conservatives predicted, but more importantly, the UK now has an illegitimate government in both numerical terms and in light of the Tories’ thoughtless gamble on the social and political stability … Read More

Coalition: Political Drama or Satirical Comedy?

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Coalition Review Channel 4’s Coalition was, of course, entertaining in its own right, presenting the head scratching and tragically funny last days of the 2010 formation of our coalition government. Although entertaining, the programme failed to be precise about the process, just so it could be made more enjoyable. It … Read More

Comment | Serve the rich, eat the poor

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Faced with the shameful statistics that 13 million people in the UK are currently living below the poverty line and supermarkets waste 15 million tonnes of food each year, surely outrage and immediate action are the only possible responses? Seemingly not. Instead the powerful millionaires in Government and fat cats … Read More

COMMENT: Can the NHS survive the cuts?

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As the biggest changes in NHS history officially come into effect, what can we expect? In 1948, the NHS was founded on the fundamental principles that care should be free and available to all on the basis of need.  It was the first health service of its kind in the … Read More