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How to Get Over a Cold

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Jessica Farmer writes about the best ways to rid yourself of the flu. As a fresher, I have already contracted numerous colds since arriving at university. Thus, below are some top tips for dealing with a cold. One essential tip to help deal with a cold is to get lots … Read More

Public Health Warning: Measles Outbreak in Leeds

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On Wednesday it was confirmed that measles is circulating in Leeds, with three confirmed cases and four suspected cases of it in the city. Public Health England (PHE) are encouraging people to check themselves and their children for the symptoms, and to get vaccinated against the virus. They have released … Read More

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Elevated Elegance – The Ski Style Guide

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‘Tis the season to be skiing, so why not explore the best ways to keep yourself feeling warm and looking cool as you take to the slopes this winter? It doesn’t have to be a case of function over fashion with these striking pieces, so go and get schussing in … Read More

A Winter’s Fail

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Winter is a confusing time for students. 9am lectures feel like witching hour. Though a bit too old for Christmas, we’re nevertheless dependent on the presents and get the same festive hangover once all the excitement is over – though by now it’s combined with an alcoholic one too. There’s … Read More

Cold Facts

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The onset of the cold November weather has to a perpetual concern for all students a- plenty that we actually might catch hyperthermia. With our student pact of not putting the heating on to save money for alcohol, the lack of clothing worn in order to look ‘fresh’, and our … Read More